Why "Once Was Water"?

Audiences are interested in solutions! As a follow-up to our film, Racing to Zero, and in the same style of investigation with humanity and humor, Once Was Water will completely focus on solutions to global water issues present and future. We choose this approach to differentiate ourselves from the many other films on water. An investigation of the realities of problem solving hold far more interest than leaving us depressed about an unsolvable, global crisis. Every idea counts.

Our Mission

We have been given all the water on earth that will ever exist. There will will be no one, human created, technological solution whether the technology embraces water wheels, purifying sea water, or processing waste. There is no easy solution for our overconsumption of freshwater, a resource long mistakenly thought to be infinitely renewable. There is no easy exit from drought and pollution. Our mission is to create a story that will attract and inform, bringing further awareness to the escalating problem of the global water crisis. Different locations demand different solutions and present different financial challenges.

Once Was Water presents a very particular situation existing in a unique terrain that will focus on innovative solutions that could serve as models in other parts of the world. We look at the challenges our water resources face and how to design a global stewardship that does not allow the rights of all peoples to be denied because of poverty, greed, mismanagement or attempted genocide. We know that solutions can only come through the combined wisdom and maturity of world cultures and more fundamentally, through our understanding and respect for the water that remains. Once Was Water seeks to bring a fundamental understanding to diverse audiences in order to better equip us all to face the future.

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