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The entire team is diligently at work! Renowned Editor, Maureen Gosling is adding her special spice by meticulously connecting each scene; Sound Designer, Jim McKee is creating and infusing those magical sounds that produce a truly immersive experience for the viewer; Kim Aubry and his graphics team are hard at work devising a consistent theme across all titles and credits while calibrating the colors for a vibrant yet natural look. Not to be overlooked is Shane Watson who manages to make sense of our written releases and our Distribution Coordinator, Alicia Jolly who keeps us all on track. 

We project completion by Thanksgiving but can only do it with your help. We are still short one producer and hope that somebody out there will join us to help with the final finishing funds. So many will be grateful for the ideas and model presented by this film, BUT WE HAVE TO FINISH. 

It’s vital to remember this is a film with a purpose; to bring awareness and provide possible solutions to problems that are growing every minute of every day! 

We invite you to join us in bringing attention to the rapidly escalating global water crisis and from there to possible solutions. Help us finish this film by making a 100% tax deductible donation to our fiscal sponsor, Green Planet Films: 

Online contributions can be made at: 

Contributions via check and mail can be sent to: 
Green Planet Films (distribution/fiscal sponsor) 
PO Box 815 
Stonington, CT 06378 

Very Best, 
Diana Fuller, Producer
Christopher Beaver, Director
Once Was Water Team

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Luke Runyon/KUNC

Luke Runyon/KUNC


When In Drought: States Take On Urgent Negotiations To Avoid Colorado River Crisis 
In 2007, years into a record-breaking drought throughout the southwestern U.S., officials along the Colorado River finally came to an agreement on how they'd deal with future water shortages — and then quietly hoped that wet weather would return. But it didn't. 

AP Photos/Ross D. Franklin

AP Photos/Ross D. Franklin

AP News

US states agree on plan to manage overtaxed Colorado River 

Seven Southwestern U.S. states that depend on the overtaxed Colorado River have reached landmark agreements on how to manage the waterway amid an unprecedented drought, including a commitment by California to bear part of the burden before it is legally required to do so. 

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Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


The $8.9 Billion California Water Bond That Has Environmentalists Divided 

California voters in November will decide whether or not to approve a controversial $8.9 billion bond measure for water-related projects like groundwater storage, water treatment and restoring protected habitats. 

Joe Klamar, AFP

Joe Klamar, AFP


How Las Vegas Aims to Be the Next Silicon Valley for Water Innovation 

In 2015, Nevada governor Brian Sandoval and his office of economic development dedicated $1.8 million to launch WaterStart, a think-tank and startup incubator organized to lure new businesses that would push the envelope on water-related technology. 



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6 tips for a greener Halloween

Halloween can be an expensive and wasteful experience, so we wondered “what can be done to green your Halloween?” Ines Lopes, Green Team member and Faculty Assistant at the Harvard Graduate School of Education compiled these six helpful tips to help you.