January 2019 | #OnceWasWater

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The lure of a special invitation to an important conference on water in Rotterdam occurring simultaneously with the International Film Festival Rotterdam motivated us to finish quickly. We discovered too late that an application to the festival was also necessary and, unfortunately, the wheels were set in motion too late for the requirements. So it didn’t work out. 

Meanwhile, our accelerated schedule for our preparations went ahead full blast. The online and color grading are nearly complete. We have Jim McKee’s rough draft mix to review while he mixes for the re-release of Apocalypse Now. The final music revision will be completed in the coming week. 

Our distribution plan is in place. The poster has been designed by Alicia Jolly and printed by the wonderfully supportive Carol Covington at her eco-friendly printing house BlowUp Lab. The electronic press kit (EPK) is ready to go and our beautifully designed postcards and business cards are available upon request. 

Online contributions can be made at: 

Contributions via check and mail can be sent to: 
Green Planet Films (fiscal sponsor) 
PO Box 815 
Stonington, CT 06378 

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Diana Fuller, producer 
Christopher Beaver, Director 
Once Was Water 
Trash24 Films 

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U.S. Governors Detail Water Priorities for 2019   

A declining Colorado River in Arizona. Orcas and salmon stocks in Washington state. Forest restoration in Idaho to protect drinking water sources from wildfire. And renewable energy seemingly everywhere.  

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California Water Board Outlines $606M Bill Assistance Program 

To subsidize drinking water bills for poor households, California regulators recommend new taxes on bottled water and incomes above $1 million a year, according to a draft proposal released. 

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The The Most Important New California Environmental and Health Laws of 2019 

The California Legislature in 2018 cranked out 1,016 pieces of legislation that Gov. Brown signed into law. Here are some of the most important environmental and health changes coming in 2019...