April 2019 | #OnceWasWater

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New Trailer! New Trailer! New Trailer!

World Water Day just passed and to celebrate we released a new trailer. Click here to check it out!

In other water news, California finalized its Colorado River drought contingency plan last week after the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California assumed a majority of the state’s future conservation cuts. California was the last of seven Colorado Basin states to approve the plan. It was delayed because an irrigation district in Imperial County refused to sign unless the federal government allocated $200 million to help the suffering Salton Sea. 

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The New York Times

Amid 19-Year Drought, States Sign Deal to Conserve Colorado River Water

Seven Western states have agreed on a plan to manage the Colorado River amid a 19-year drought, voluntarily cutting their water use...


The Washington Post

In California, abundant rains, 618 inches of snow and an end to the drought. 

The past week has been lovely for enjoying California’s outdoor splendor, with warm temperatures and clear, blue skies ushering in a welcome change...